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Admission & withdrawal

Admission & Withdrawal

  1. Parents should ensure that they give correct spelling of their child's name and correct date of birth at the time of Admission and Withdrawal because it will not be changed once it is entered in the admission register.

  2. The final decision regarding admission of a child will be that of the principal. No recommendation what so ever shall be entertained and no donation shall be accepted.

  3. Any student coming from other school will be admitted only upon producing the original transfer certificate. The student will have to appear for an entrance test. A student coming from another state will have to produce transfer certificate duly signed by the Inspector of school. i.e migration certificate

  4. If a student leaves the school in mid-term will have to give a month's notice in advance or one month's fee.

  5. Application regarding a Transfer certificate shall be in writing addressed to the principal by the parent or guardian and along with a photo copy of the report card.