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Health & Hygiene

Health & Hygiene
  • 1.  

    No child should be sent to school with any Contagious disease, unexplained rash or fever (temperature above 100 or above). This is for the safety of the child and also for the other children.

  • 2.  

    Hair lice is a common childhood infection that spreads quickly among other children in the class. Parents are advised to adopt preventive measures and take necessary remedy for such problem.

  • 3.  

    Please pin up hanky on the upper left side of the shirt or frock.

  • 4.  

    Put one paper napkin, fork and spoon with lunch box.

  • 5.  

    Cut your child's nails weekly.

  • 6.  

    Please put one hanky and nappy in the bag with proper marking.

  • 7.  

    Send your child in neat and clean dress and polished shoes.

  • 8.  

    Do your home work daily.

  • 9.  

    Come to the school on time.

  • 10.  

    75% attendance is compulsory to attempt the final examination.